How do Koreans come to such an important decision in a person's life as a wedding? "Well, how ... wanted - got married" - for sure, you thought. But on the very matter - no, everything is not so simple.

It is worth considering that almost always a wedding in Korea was the result of mediation, an agreement of parents, family clans, etc. Weddings "by love" were completely absent in Korea until recently.

Only after the relative discovery of the country to the western world, its culture, and, accordingly, values, young people began to search for a couple, basing on their feelings, and not on the basis of something special or comical. But, nevertheless, no matter what they say about the penetration of rotting capitalism in the Confucian society, the foundations of this philosophy have nowhere been dispensed with. More than that, they did not stagger at all.

Even now, about 30 percent of all marriages are made not in heaven and not in the hearts of newlyweds. Not a single Korean woman will marry a boyfriend if he is a student or if he does not have a car, apartment and good work.

There are sad stories in Korea, when the laws of society interfere with simple human happiness.

Young people can be in love with each other to the point of madness, but there will be no marriage, if the parents do not agree to this (as a minimum). This, of course, does not speak about the fact that in Russia, for example, the opinion of parents is spit with a high bell, but, agree, the opinion of your mother is far from being a decisive factor in taking care of a wedding The opinion of the parents can be taken into account, if it does not coincide with the opinion of the young people themselves, there can be a conflict, a dispute, float in before leaving the house - which is absolutely unthinkable in Korea. Not a single root even in the head will come to argue with parents and marry against their will. Yes, he can express his discontent (already a progress by comparison, even from the beginning of the 20th century, for example), but he will not go openly against the will of his parents.

Parents are not the only condition for such conditions of mass: work, education, current social status, the possibility of living separately, what the people around will say, finally ... As a maximum, sometimes, unfortunately, it also happens. Therefore, a girl cannot marry a poor artist, even if she wants to die. And a couple is unlikely to marry an uneducated simpleton who does not know how to properly use European cutlery. On the one hand, they would seem to be looking for a steam for themselves, but on the other ... what does this "decent man" mean? Who is this? We can only be worthy here a man who is ready to love us not asleep and unpainted, but not that, which has more money than half of the population of Russia together taken.

Of course, all these factors are taken into account everywhere and by everyone in the world, but not to the same extent as in Koreya. As sad as it is, but in a modern, such a well-equipped and advanced society, young people turned out to be hostages. Realizing it completely, they, however, can do nothing with it, because "it is necessary to do as everything." And this means - to get married / get married in the period from 28 to 32 (not earlier and not later, a marriage at any other age is a deviation from the norm, and deviation from the norm (at least in Thailand) Philippines - there is a list where you need to go on a wedding trip), in two or three years - a child, and it means that you need to start drinking at hagwon (schools), university and so on. Any possibility of passion, burst, explosion of feelings and emotions is excluded.

The older generation simply will not understand, but young people, understanding, will look with envy at the same Americans who are getting married in Las Vegas after a good deal of goodwill, and so very brightly.