The biker hotel opened its doors

A dedicated biker hotel has opened its doors. An unusual hotel has opened in the capital of Japan, Tokio. It is intended for ideal motorcyclists who do not wish to part with their iron horses day or night. Therefore, eight rooms of this biker hotel have wide gates, which allow you to enter the room directly on your bike. Moreover, the size of the room allows two guests to settle at once and place two motorcycles in it.

The developers of this hotel decided that the spartan spirit and minimalist style of the rooms would correspond to the lifestyle and worldview of true bikers. Therefore, there is no excess in the numbers. Concrete walls, minimal furniture and no signs of civilization in the form of televisions, computers and other things. The simplicity and timeliness of the furnishings meets the needs of bikers. The only exception is the washing machine installed in the room, but this device is a consequence of the pathological striving of the Japanese for cleanliness.

American bikers will not notice this everyday life because they are especially honored by those unique who do not wash their clothes for years.