Children born in the fall are more likely to live to be 100

Children born in the fall have a better chance of living up to 100 years old, according to scientists from the University of Chicago, Leonid and Natalia Gavrilov, presented to the delegates of the annual congress of the American Demographic Society, which took place in Sacia-Frgoesim Scientists claim that children born in the autumn have much more chances to pass a hundred-year rupture than those who were born in a different time.

In their report, the Americans indicated that the results of their work were confirmed by the data of the German scientist Aleksandr Lerchl, who was the first to reveal such a legitimacy and declared that people born in the middle of the fall

American scientists have analyzed information about one and a half thousand long-term residents who lived in the United States at the end of the 19th century. The Gavrilovs carefully studied the data on all the brothers and sisters of the long-lived, who lived in similar social conditions, in order to eliminate the influence on the longevity of social status and economic well-being. It turned out that most of the hundred-year-olds were born in the period from September to November, and the least of all long-lived were born in March and May.