10 commandments of a happy woman

10 commandments of a happy woman - we read, reflect and leave our personal opinion ...

1. Everything that happens is for the best.

The broken vase still did not contain all the flowers, and thanks to being late for the movie show, she met an amazing man! Everything that happens serves the single good intention of the fate of a happy woman.

2. One's own appearance is always worthy of praise and pride.

If there are small flaws in appearance, then they serve only as an excuse to draw attention to the wonderful virtues of a happy woman. Nature has presented a wonderful material - a body, you can sculpt beauty out of it. And this woman is sure that she always looks her best because she takes care of herself with love.

3. All partings are always for new meetings.

And indeed it is! Outdated relationships leave as something unnecessary and used up, and soon there is a new joy for the soul and body. Each meeting is a link in a bright chain of love and adventure in the life of a happy woman.

4. There is no time pressure.

And it is true. There is only an irrational use of this invaluable resource. A happy woman always does the most important thing first, then something for her soul and herself, and finally everything else. There are 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. And she uses them in such a way that she has enough time for everything.

5. Career ups and downs - wise lessons for the good of your own life.

Whatever happens: promotions, displacements, loss or gaining a job, a happy woman is sure that this is the best and most necessary at the moment. This means that this is the pattern of one's own behavior and acquisition of skills. Everything in life is wise and useful. The darkest periods are followed by the lightest days, and after dizzying flights, you still need to land.

6. There are no empty dreams.

A happy woman knows that when she starts dreaming, she sends a signal to the universe asking for something. By focusing on the desired, she will detail it and present it in bright colors and clear images. After some time, she gets it, because she never lets her dreams take their course, carefully presenting their come true version.

7. Movement is life.

A happy woman prefers walking to travel in minibuses, flights of stairs to stairs, fitness to sitting in front of the TV. She knows how to train her body even in everyday life: washing dishes, cleaning the room, walking with the child. A happy woman breathes deeply and exhales all the air, sucks in her stomach and never slouches.

8. Relationships are the most valuable thing.

A happy woman knows how to love and appreciate loved ones. She knows that no amount of money and posts will return the trust of her beloved and the adoration of children. First - the family, everything else - a little later.

9. Nutrition is a way, not a goal.

Nutrition for a happy woman is just a way to get everything she needs for a healthy body. She knows how to enjoy desserts, but delicacies and pastries are not the goal of her life.

10. There is happiness, it is everywhere!

A happy woman is sure that the world was created for love and goodness. She sees happiness everywhere, notices all the good, with understanding and sympathy for those who are sad. A happy woman knows that there are different moments in life, but the main thing for her is that there is happiness! And she always smiles ...