Dogs are not only friends, they are also doctors!

In our time, dogs as the best four-legged other humans are not only domestic favorites, but also doctors. In the course of research carried out by British scientists, it was shown that the dog is able to help the owner in certain ill conditions.

In the presence of diabetes, dogs can, by the smell, recognize a reduced level of sahara in the owner's blood and bark, with any movements, let the diabetics understand that it has taken time to take it.

In the case of a child's manifestation of autism, dogs are able to smooth out the restless and aggressive behavior of patients.

Chronic pains associated with chronic pain can completely soften hairless dogs of the Mexican naked dog (Xolo). They, leaning towards the painful parts of the body, create an effect similar to that of a heater.

With weak-mindedness, Labradors and Retrievers appear as good assistants, who remind sick people about taking food, medicines, and going to sleep. Also, four-legged doctors remove the notes of fear and excitement.

In the case of epileptic symptoms, dogs are able to predict changes in the human body at the chemical level on the eve of an epileptic shock and to forestall their host. For some time, some breeds of dogs can smooth out the fall of a patient, if the attack still occurs.