Should you cram right before the exam?

Cramming - I think everyone is familiar with this way of memorizing information. Almost every one of us was in a situation where we urgently need to prepare for an exam in a short period of time, and the subject being studied is not very familiar. Intense cramming in the last minutes can work, but it's not the best use of your time.

The fact is that our brain retains many types of different information much longer if it has time to digest it in the pauses between classes. If it is possible to conduct two sessions with a pause, then this will be much more effective than just sitting in a row for these two sessions. Moreover, according to various sources, memorability increases 2-4 times, this is not a bad advantage.

Individual classes are suitable for everyone, without exception. No matter what age or ability you are, this method always works. So in order not to waste time on cramming, it is better to try to leave yourself time for rest, between classes, then in the same time you can learn more and not get confused at the most important moment.

By the way, the same principle is used in animal training and in physical training.