Valentine's Day Movie Flash Mob

At one time in the diaries it was fashionable to arrange various flash mobs, the most pleasant thing is not to go anywhere, just to share thoughts and emotions. I dedicate this flash mob to Valentine's Day!

We unsubscribe, what films would you watch on this day with your loved ones and loved ones, well, or alone, for a romantic mood?

Announcing my must-have list of romantic movies:

1. You never dreamed of (USSR, 1981)

About youthful pure love and conflict between children and parents

A song on the verses of Rabindranath Tagore will be a great addition to a romantic evening.

2. Boom 1, Boom 2 (France, 1982)

The first roles of Sophie Marceau. The story of teenage love, as a leitmotif, and along the way we see how relationships develop among adults (dad and mom) as well as more mature ones (grandmothers, oh, great-grandmothers or Pupett, 20 years old "in the backyard"), which once again confirms: "Love for all ages"

3. Crossroads (Russia, 1998)

Starring Leonid Yarmolnik, music by Andrey Makarevich.

Often a coincidence of circumstances pushes us to actions that we dream about in secret, but are embarrassed to say.

Sometimes, one meeting is enough to understand that without this person: “I don’t need the Turkish coast and I don’t need Africa”.

4. Mamma, mia! (US and UK, 2008)

screen version of the musical of the same name, based on the songs of the famous Swedish group ABBA.

Love can be different, but only true love can endure the test of time and find its logical conclusion.

And oh yeah! No matter how much you close up the fountain of love, it will still burst out!

5. Friendship sex ((Eng. Friends with Benefits, in the original "Friends with privileges", USA 2011)

The collision of two worlds, how easy it is to trust a friend, but who knows, maybe this is more than love!

6. And, of course, Pride! (Japan, 2004)

He is a promising hockey player, she is a girl waiting for a "prince" promising to return a "king". Neither of them need a serious relationship. The result, a friendly agreement, make-believe meetings.

7. Of course films with Marika Rökk, for example "Night in May"

Finally, a less rosy film, but also about love

8. "I just love you!" (Japan) (Tada, kimi wo aishiteru)

The consequences of nuclear explosions remained, people are born who, as they grow up, take years of their lives from themselves. They look like small children, because becoming an adult means getting closer to death. But even for them there is a place for love, friendship, hobbies. Whatever you were born into, there are those who will love and accept you, and will cry when your trace on this earth will be only in memories.