What's the secret to happy couples?

Sometimes relationships between people develop so well that no one doubts their longevity. But over time, it happens that the couple breaks up because they were either too similar to each other (example: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt) or too different (example: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton).

For about three years, the American Ministry of Health conducted various experiments in which more than seven hundred people of both sexes took part. The subjects answered questions about life with each other, family relationships, satisfaction, common interests and plans. After processing the results, it turned out that the indicators of strength and happiness were higher in those unions where the partners were equally similar and different at the same time.

It is clear that there is no recipe for a family idyll and unlimited happiness. But for each pair, it is quite promises to create a certain comfort in a relationship, where both parties will be happy with everything.

By the way, this theory is applicable not only to lovers, but also to children and parents, as well as friends and colleagues.

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