Heart surgery for a baby who is only 17.5 hours old

British doctors performed a unique operation on the heart of a baby named Jasmine Carr. The girl was only seventeen and a half hours old. The size of the girl's heart was compatible with a walnut. Doctors have never performed operations on such a small organ. Prior to this incident, the thirty-six o'clock baby was considered unique.

Jasmine's serious heart disease was known in advance. The disease was diagnosed at the twentieth week of variability, the parents were even offered to terminate the pregnancy, but they could not make such a cruel choice. They chose an operation that was successful, to everyone's happiness.

The doctors prepared thoroughly, so everything went smoothly. The girl was under observation for three months and only on the fourth she was discharged home. Doctors believe that this will not appear again in the future, and the child will develop on an equal footing with everyone.

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