How Russian divers have fun

For the tenth anniversary, an international festival called "Golden Dolphin" is being held in Moscow. Professionals and lovers of active underwater recreation these days combine entertainment with business. All possible equipment novelties are offered, travel agencies advertise travel. You can also meet famous divers here.

Everything that happens underwater is shown at photo exhibitions. Viktor Lyagushkin is a permanent participant of this festival, he is already an experienced photographer. It is already common for him to shoot underwater divers. Although previously he was very seriously trained in this.

Victor says that experience in this difficult, but very exciting, business comes over the years. He worked for nine years to become who he is now.

Now Russia is very interested in ice diving, which is very convenient to do on the White Sea and on Lake Baikal. And in the Black Sea, divers watch airplanes, weapons and ships that sank during the Second World War.

For those who do not want to do this type of recreation, for a start, experienced divers are advised to undergo initial training in St. Petersburg and get acquainted with the local attractions that are outlined on the city's tourist website free from diving. -mostov.html