Unusual sporting events

Athletes are very self-possessed, always strive for victory and have tremendous willpower and spirit. They do a great job on themselves. At various competitions, sometimes there are both tragic and funny cases.

In 1952, at baseball, Richie Ashbourne injured one cheerleader with a batted ball, and a few minutes later hit her again when she was carried out of the stadium on a stretcher.

In 1998, in the Republic of the Congo, a stadium was struck by lightning during a football game. Thirty fans and eleven guest footballers were killed, the hosts were not injured.

On September 16, 1976, a trolleybus with a hundred passengers fell into Lake Yerevan, and Shavarsh Karapetyan, the world record holder in scuba diving, his brother and coach, ran by. The men rushed to rescue the victims. Shavarsh broke the windshield and freed people. After the accident, he contracted pneumonia from cold water and developed sepsis from shrapnel cuts. The record holder recovered and set the last eleventh record, then retired due to injuries.

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