Something about dreams (Article)

The human brain goes through five phases during sleep. We dream during the fast phase. There can be up to five such phases per night. But not all dreams can be remembered. Why?

Scientists have stated that the dream state vaguely resembles schizophrenia. Why this particular disease? Because a person subject to this ailment sees muddy, unclear pictures, feverishly trying to arrange them. But he doesn’t succeed. This is how we feel ourselves when we dream of God knows what. The brain of a schizophrenic also cannot grasp the connection between what is happening.

Scientists about the fact that dreams are often not filled with meaning, say that this is due to the fact that all information received during life is not ordered in the brain, so the mind tries to separate the necessary from the unnecessary in a dream.

It was also found that after playing video games for a long time, gamers can control various events in their sleep. The virtual reality of the game is very similar to a dream, so the brain is already trained to make the appropriate decisions.

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