Woman and her physical properties)

A woman and her physical properties did not expect to be given such a characteristic)


NAME: Woman



ATOMIC WEIGHT: 60 kg; isotopes from 40 to 250 kg are also found.

PREVALENCE: Very common.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Melts when exposed to certain conditions. It boils spontaneously and cools down without external reasons. Expansion rate: Increases over the years. Crumples when squeezed in certain places.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: Reacts very well with Au, Ag, Pt and other noble metals. Absorbs large quantities of expensive substances. May explode unexpectedly. It is quickly saturated with ethyl alcohol. Activity varies depending on the time of day.

APPLICATIONS: Widely used for decorative purposes, especially in sports cars. It is a very effective cleaning and cleaning agent. Helps to relax and relieve stress.

QUALITATIVE RESPONSE: Gives a green color if there is another sample of a higher quality nearby.

PRECAUTIONS: Serious hazard if thrown into untrained hands. It is forbidden to have more than one sample. However, you can have more samples, but you should keep them separate from each other, so that they do not interact with each other.