Crazy Genius (Article)

People with mental disabilities have appeared in science, culture, medicine, history. They were able to change the world to some extent. Aggression, depression lived in parallel with unusual inventions, mathematical theories, music, visual arts and poetry.

The sixteenth president of America, Abraham Lincoln, often cried from despair, he had a prolonged depression. He used religion, work, and humor as a treatment.

Vincent Van Gogh had epileptic seizures, alcoholism, depression from bipolar disorder. He cut off his own ear and then committed suicide. But illnesses did not prevent him from creating and painting masterpiece paintings.

Ernest Hemingway is very similar to Van Gogh both in symptoms (alcoholism mixed with pills) and in the end of his life - suicide. But he became a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize laureate.

Ludwig van Beethoven was abused from early childhood by his father, who, for unknown reasons, beat him, which led to hearing loss and mental disorders. All his life, the composer rushed to extremes: either sheer inaction, or frantic work activity.

Isaac Newton discovered three main mechanical laws, the law of gravitation, a reflector telescope, and much more, which was simply brilliant. But at the same time, he suffered from sudden mood swings and it was difficult to have a conversation with him. Doctors tend to think that the brilliant scientist had schizophrenia.

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