The genius of Mozart (Interesting article)

The youngest child prodigy in musical history is Mozart. He wrote the most complex works as a child. It is also known that not only the famous composer had musical talent, but also widely developed mental abilities.

The genius spent all his childhood in writing music, on which his father made good money. They performed in wealthy Austrian homes, even in the Emperor's palace. At the age of six, Mozart was playing in the house of a nobleman and a cat entered the room. The boy rushed to her and began to play, the father was terribly angry and ordered to go back, but the child replied that the clavier would not go anywhere, and the cat could run away.

Once Mozart played in the house of Marie-Antoinette, who after the performance decided to show him her house. In the process of reviewing the boy fell, and the young lady held out her hand to help him up. The child said he would marry her when he grew up. When asked why, he replied that out of gratitude.

Mozart had an excellent ear, so when he heard Allegri's nine-part composition performed by two choirs, he wrote it down. The Pope carefully guarded the same score, so he was very surprised that the notes were in order, and that the piece was out of reach. For his excellent hearing, the Pope gave Mozart the Order of the Knight of the Golden Spur.

Somehow Mozart received a package from an unknown person, where he reported that he was alive and well. Mozart responded by sending a box with a stone. In the attached note it was written that when he found out that the unknown was doing well, a stone fell from his heart.

Despite his wealth, Mozart constantly borrowed money from friends, which they were surprised. He had no horses, no children, no mistress. To which he replied that he had a wife, Constance, who replaced all this for him.