Japanese bath (Article)

A bath in Japan, as in our country, is not only a means of hygiene, but also a national tradition, a national treasure. But nevertheless, the Japanese bath is not like any other: it can serve as a meeting place, as well as relaxation and conversation. Just like the ancient Roman baths.

Also in these baths you can often find cinemas, libraries and restaurants. The very procedure of this oriental bath is very peculiar - it is being in an ofuro (wooden barrel), which is almost filled with boiling water. For the greatest convenience, a bench is placed there. You can stay in this barrel for no more than four minutes. The Japanese say that this procedure serves to prevent rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases.

The public baths themselves are called sento. They have a swimming pool, you can read in more detail on the website watermart.com.ua/products/bassejnyi/, the water temperature of which reaches fifty degrees. You can stay in it from half an hour to forty minutes. After this procedure, the visitor rubs his entire body with a hard towel and goes back to the pool. This is where the bathing procedure ends.