Chocolate won't be there in 20 years? (Article)

Almost all people love chocolate. Some are bitter, some are milky, but that doesn't matter. Now, if we want sweet tiles, we can go to any store and buy it at a relatively inexpensive price, choosing the most acceptable from a fairly wide range. We can say that we are very used to chocolate. But someone decided to upset humanity and said that in twenty years, chocolate could disappear and become a delicacy on a par with caviar.

What is the reason for the disappearance of our beloved chocolate? Someone thinks that it is irrational to use the land for cocoa beans. There is also an opinion that the climate is changing and the sun is destroying the shady rainforests, in connection with which the "chocolate" trees disappear. Also, many plants are killed by vandals and poachers.

This is all very sad for those countries whose economies are based on the sale of cocoa beans and chocolate. Also, environmental services are concerned about this state of affairs on our planet.

And so while there is no problem with this, remember that you can always buy groceries via the Internet, which sometimes allows you to save a good amount.