Weird Animal Love Games (Article)

Not only people groom each other, use foreplay before sex. Animals also have their own rituals to continue their kind.

Bonobo primates love to have passion in the missionary position, as well as watching a partner. These animals master the French kissing technique no worse than humans. There are also homosexuals among them. The only thing that is not there is incest.

Dolphins can copulate not only with their own species, but also with mumps, sea turtles and can encroach on humans. All this is due to dissatisfaction, since the process lasts only twelve seconds for them.

It is very difficult for Leo to get pregnant. To conceive a new generation, lions work for almost four days, which is about 20-30 sexual acts. Scientists have calculated that for every one-year-old lion cub there are about three thousand sexual acts.

Giraffes will not waste time on females that are not ready to procreate. In the urine, they determine whether ovulation has occurred. If so, the males will accompany the females until they receive consent to conceive a new life.

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