How are we being brainwashed? (Interesting article)

Have you ever had such a thing that you really wanted to drink Coca-Cola after watching an advertisement about it or after the next news, where they reported a plane crash, do you internally decide that you will never fly again? This is very similar to the zombie of consciousness.

In the seventies, people were programmed with the twenty-fifth frame. What it is? A regular video consists of twenty-four frames, more is possible, but it will be expensive, and less - the quality will suffer, the picture will blur and vision will not fix a clear image. The first to take advantage of this were managers from Coca-Cola, who inserted this shot with the motivation to buy a drink into one popular film. After watching the movie, seventy-eight percent of viewers went to the Coca-Cola machine, and the rest most likely bought it on their way home.

But in frame 25 there are also side effects - dizziness, nausea, disorientation, which leads to losses on the road and inability to drive a car. Because of this, the United States banned this effect in the form of advertising.

And the Russians knew nothing about this and with the help of the "Caucasian Captive" they were programmed to worship Khrushchev. Then the introduction of this frame began in cigarettes, beer, diapers, and panty liners. This brought a lot of trouble and the 25th shot was banned.

But cunning advertisers place a latent image in frame 24, which affects the psyche in the same way as frame 25, and it is technically difficult to identify it. Also invented in famous songs to read advertisements. It is much quieter than the main melody and very slow. If you turn off the music, you can only hear the hum, but the mind will make out the right words. After that, the side effects will start again.

How to make out that we are being zombified? If there is a keen feeling to urgently watch the news, reality shows, and so on, then this is already an unkind sign. After watching, you should try to learn a 6-line poem in 20 minutes. Scientists say that this is the time it takes to memorize this amount of information. If you can, then you are not zombified.

Therefore, it remains to wish you to listen to your own opinion and not run after the general opinion, as, for example, many follow the popularity of cars, although high-quality Lacetti cars are actually at hand)