The pernicious passion of butterflies (Article)

Rare species of animals and insects have always attracted people, which is why hunters for such a valuable product appeared. Why not catch this or that individual, if you can then sell it profitably? It thrives especially well in tourist cities, where visitors can sell anything and at any price. For this, hunters are not averse to sweating when they catch their prey. But sometimes they do not want to do this, and they come up with more sophisticated ways.

A very beautiful and rather large butterfly called morpho menelaus lives in the Brazilian forests. She has silky sky-blue wings with a border of brownish-bronze stripes, their span is about fifteen to eighteen centimeters. Local craftsmen are very fond of making souvenirs from it for tourists and have come up with an unusual way of catching these butterflies. The usual landing net is a thing of the past long ago.

These butterflies love to fly in the clearings near the streams, where the clever people throw bananas, which are overripe. Banana juice begins to ferment after a while under the scorching sun. Butterflies flock to the feast, get drunk and fall asleep. And then hunters catch them without difficulty.

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