Secrets of the Blue Grotto (Article)

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In southern Italy, on the island of Capri, there is the Blue Grotto, where scientists have found many Roman statues at the bottom. For a very long time this island was the capital of the Roman Empire, the emperor Tiberius lived there. Under him, the grotto was used as a pool, and statues were placed around as decoration.

Now it is the main attraction of the island. The name comes from the unusual bluish glow of the water.

Historians and archaeologists have been researching the Blue Grotto for a long time. Three statues were raised from the bottom in 1964 - two Tritons and one Neptune. Now the statues are in the Anacapri Museum.

Now scientists want to recreate the appearance of the grotto, as it was under Tiberius. From the historical writings we learned that there were statues in the water knee-deep along the walls.

Seven pedestals from the statues were found, which means there are four more statues to be found. Once the Blue Grotto was closed for fear of contaminating it with sewage. Now researchers have decided to control the environment in the area and tighten security measures.