What are the lines on the palms for? (The article will answer)

What are the lines on the palms for? - this article will give an answer to this question, since many sincerely believe that the lines on our hands are what we can use to find out the fate of a person, as well as his present and what has long passed. The same will be said by a professional palmist or any gypsy at the station.

But science is in a hurry to report that these folds serve only so that we can clench and unclench our fists, take various objects and hold them with our hand. These lines also serve to identify some diseases. In addition, the "paths" help the skin on the palm not to stretch, but to be always elastic and perform any movements. This explains why the folds on the finger folds are deeper and more pronounced.

A person most often has three distinct lines - mind, heart and life, as palmists would say. If there is one transverse fold (simian line) that runs horizontally, then this may be a sign of a person's abnormal development. Such palms are often found in those with Down syndrome, as well as fetal alcohol syndrome. But the presence of this line is not a determining factor for the diagnosis, because the depth and number of folds can depend on genetics and race.

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