T-84 "Oplot" - the main battle tank of Ukraine

T-84 "Oplot" - the main battle tank of Ukraine (before being put into service - T-84U) - Ukrainian main battle tank. It differs from the base model - the T-84 - by the installation of foreign-made aiming devices and enlarged side screens. Developed by the Kharkov Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named after A.A.Morozov. May 28, 2009 adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrspetsexport company has signed a contract with representatives of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Thailand for the manufacture and supply of 49 Oplot tanks (T-84U), the Ukrainian company said. "The total value of the contract significantly exceeds $ 200 million, " the deal is reported. The order will be fulfilled by the enterprises included in the state concern "Ukroboronprom".

The tank itself is a combat vehicle capable of fighting both at low temperatures (−40 ° C) and at high temperatures (+55 ° C). "Oplot" has good indicators of speed, maneuverability and maneuverability. The layout is classic - the control compartment is located in the bow, the fighting compartment is in the middle, and the engine compartment is in the rear of the tank.

Compared to the T-80UD, several improvements have been made:

new welded-rolled tower;

thermal imaging sight;

satellite navigation system;

dynamic protection of the 3rd generation "Knife";

the complex of optical-electronic countermeasures "Warta" ["Guard"];

digital fire control technology;

auxiliary power unit and more.

Tower and defense [edit | edit source]

The tank received a new welded-rolled turret with an all-stamped roof made of electroslag remelting, due to which it has a higher strength and "survivability". Taking into account the simpler shape of the tower, it was possible to successfully place multilayer armor in it. Its internal volume has also been increased. In the frontal projection of the tower was placed a new third-generation dynamic protection of the Ukrainian production "Knife".


The "Oplot" is equipped with a 125-mm smoothbore cannon with 40 rounds of ammunition, 28 of which are in the automatic loader. There is also a 12, 7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun with 450 rounds of ammunition and an anti-personnel 7, 62-mm machine gun with 1250 rounds of ammunition. The following ammunition can be used:

anti-tank feathered armor-piercing sabot projectile; Dispersion of 0.2 thousand shares per 2000 m [4]

anti-tank cumulative projectile;

high-explosive fragmentation projectile;

anti-tank guided missile.


"Oplot" was created on the basis of the T-80UD tank by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau.

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