The benefits of fast reading (Interesting article)

This interesting article will tell you about the benefits of fast reading and that on the site you can find a lot of interesting news, which you can practice. Scientists recently released the news that the eyes are less tired from reading at high speeds. But this cannot be said about the brain if it can normally concentrate on the perception and subsequent processing of the information received.

Ninety-five percent of people read quite slowly - about two hundred words per minute. It turns out that in one and a half minutes a person reads a page of a standard book. The surprising fact is that with this reading comprehension and comprehension of the reading is sixty percent, and with fast reading - eighty percent.

History tells about a large number of amazing examples of the rapid learning of new information. The reading speed of the famous Napoleon was as much as two thousand words per minute. In half an hour, Balzac coped with a novel of about two hundred pages. A bibliographer named E. Gaon remembers by heart two and a half thousand books that he once read. ON. Rubakin read two hundred and fifty thousand books.