What is asexuality? (Article)

Among sexual orientations, three are known: the first are standard heterosexuals, the second are homosexuals, and the third are bisexuals. But scientists have announced a fourth type - asexuality. What is this?

People like asexuals are not opposed to sex, they can live for years without it. They just don't understand pleasure in him. They can have sex, but they do not understand why it is necessary, except for procreation.

It is not a necessity or a whim, nor is it a choice. Asexuals have no sexual desire. Asexualists fall in love, create families, and even give birth to children.

Asexuals can express feelings without body contact. It is difficult to understand what can replace sex, but their platonic love is a whole complex of support, mutual understanding, love and tenderness. This is much brighter than simple intercourse.

Many asexuals get pleasant emotions from successful work, happiness of other halves, and so on. That is, asexuals enjoy everything except sex.

Doctors say that asexuality is not a pathology, it does not harm either mental or physical health of a person.

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