Why are antibiotics weakening?

A new defense mechanism in bacteria, by which they can fight the actions of antibiotics, was discovered by American scientists from the University of New York.

Through experiments, experts have found that by suppressing the synthesis of nitric oxide, you can resist infection. In this case, the activation of a special enzyme that produces this very nitric oxide is a reaction to the presence of an antibiotic.

But bacteria are not as simple as they might seem at first. They have learned to defend themselves.

With the help of nitric oxide, damage caused by the use of drugs is smoothed out. At the same time, the toxicity of these drugs is neutralized and the side effects become several times less.

Many bacteria acquire immunity to antibiotics, and specialists are forced to develop new drugs to combat them. If it is possible to reduce the release of nitric oxide to zero, then it will be possible to use existing antibiotics in less toxic doses. This discovery would make modern drugs more effective.

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