10 mistakes smartphone owners make

A smartphone can become almost a complete replacement for a home computer or laptop. But most users still perceive it as an expensive phone with bells and whistles. The consequences of this attitude are usually dire. Here is a list of the most common mistakes smartphone owners make.

1. The smartphone does not have a password

Laptops often have a security password. We carry them with us, and we obviously won't like it if everyone who wants to can easily get into our laptop. At the same time forgetting that a smartphone is also a small portable computer. And for outsiders, it is even more accessible than a laptop. After all, we often lay out the smartphone and leave it on the table. And an unpaired smartphone is of great interest to thieves.

2. Shopping through a mobile browser, not through an app

All major online stores offer their customers a dedicated shopping app. This is because data in an application is harder to intercept. The main thing is to make sure that the application is genuine and there are no “modifications” from “well-wishers” in it.

3. We forget to log out in social and financial services

We firmly believe that our smartphone is only ours, and no one has access to it (especially if we also ignored the first point). Of course, every time you go to the desired site, you get bored of entering your username and password. But by keeping such data open, remember that your personal data and finances may become public domain.

4. The smartphone automatically connects to any open Wi-Fi network

This is of course convenient, but we advise you to stop this practice. You do not know who administers this network and what his intentions are.

5. Always on Bluetooth

Also a great bait for a scammer. The smartphone can also be jailbroken via Bluetooth. The main thing is to be close to the burglary, which is not so difficult to do. For example, somewhere in a supermarket, stadium, airport, etc.

6. We do not delete data from old smartphones before selling or donating to another person.

You may not know exactly who will end up with your old machine. Therefore, we advise you to delete all your data and reset to factory settings before parting with it.

7. Downloading incomprehensible applications from unverified sources

Remember that free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. And when you find a free version of a paid app, don't be in a hurry to rejoice. Perhaps such a "present" will leak all your logins, passwords and bank card numbers to fraudsters, and at the same time will also send spam to all your friends.

8. Personal information is stored on the smartphone

Valuable information (pictures “not for everyone”, documents, etc.) cannot be stored on a smartphone in an accessible form. And even more so to create a daddy with all your passwords and call her "Passwords" with love and care for scammers.

9. We do not clear the history in the mobile browser

"We sweep the traces" and do not forget to clean the history in the browser. Its presence can even help intruders get to your personal data.

10. Smartphone does not have an application for remote formatting

Of course, if a smartphone is stolen in order to download your data, then this will not help. But, if you simply lost it, or it was stolen from you for the purpose of resale, then this way you can protect your information from the new owner.