How do they hunt python? (Interesting article)

Why hunt such dangerous representatives of the wild fauna? Africans will answer: because this is one of the most delicious delicacies.

The natives eat pythons for the whole tribe. The snake, six meters long, is not so easy to catch, because its burrow is deep underground, the tunnel leading to it is about ten meters. Even if you get there, the reptile will not be happy with unexpected guests, trying to devour them.

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The Africans are not afraid of these obstacles, so they invented to wrap the skin of a killed fox around their hand so that the python would grip this place with its teeth. In order to make it easier to slide in a narrow tunnel, hunters grease themselves. On the belt, they wrap themselves with a rope and move to meet the future food.

Next, the comrades pull the hero back, and then the whole crowd finish off the snake. After the python is killed, people go back to the hole - for eggs, which they also eat.