14 elementary rules of etiquette for any man

14 elementary rules of etiquette for any man, add to bookmarks and bring to automatism)

1. On the street a man must go to the left of the lady. On the right, only military personnel can go, who must be ready to give a military salute.

2. It is necessary to support the woman by the elbow if she stumbles or slips. But in a normal situation, the decision to take a man by the arm or not is made by the lady.

3. In the presence of a woman, a man does not smoke without her permission.

4. At the entrance and exit to the room, the gentleman opens the door in front of the lady, and he goes behind her.

5. Ascending or descending the stairs, a man insures his companion by going one or two steps from behind or from the front, respectively.

6. A man enters the elevator first, and at the exit from it, a lady should pass ahead.

7. The man gets out of the car first, he goes around the vehicle and opens the door from the passenger side, while helping the woman to get out. Provided that the man drives the car himself, he must open the door and support the woman by the elbow when she sits in the front seat. If a man and a woman are both taxi passengers, they are supposed to ride in the back seat. The first in the salon is the lady, the man sits down next to him.

8. Entering a room, a man should help a woman to take off her outer clothing, while leaving the room, it is worth giving her clothes.

9. It is also customary in society not to sit down if the ladies are standing (this also applies to public transport).

10. According to etiquette, a man should not be late for a meeting with a lady. On the contrary, the gentleman should come a few minutes earlier, because his delay can embarrass the lady and put her in an awkward position. In unforeseen cases, you must warn and apologize for being late.

11. Any woman of any age should be helped to carry bulky items and bulky bags. This does not include a handbag, a light fur coat or a coat, except for those cases when for health reasons she cannot carry them herself.

12. In society, frank conversation about a lady with a third person is unacceptable, especially in a male company.

13. During a conversation, a man should not fold his arms over his chest or keep them in his pockets. Also, do not twist different objects in your hands - this is disrespect for the interlocutor.

14. Good to know: A man is always the first to enter a restaurant, the main reason is that the head waiter has the right to draw conclusions on this basis about who is the initiator of coming to the restaurant and who will pay. In the case of a large company, the first person enters and the one from whom the invitation to the restaurant originated pays. But if a doorman meets visitors at the entrance, then the man must let the first woman pass. Then the gentleman finds free places.