Sushi damages the human brain and heart

Sushi is one of the sources of heart and brain problems in humans - another interesting discovery.

Thanks to scientists from the United States, the uncomforting conclusions of numerous studies on the special ability of such food as "sushi" to cause special problems not only with the heart or brain of a person, but also have a detrimental effect on the state of human blood vessels were presented to the judgment of the world community.

Moreover, as the experts who worked on the study stated, the main reason for all the indicated factors is the "red fish" due to the presence in it of a special acid called "Omega - 3". It should be added that red fish is the main ingredient in the entire sushi preparation system, and the acid, which was mentioned earlier, due to its property, has a particularly negative effect on the body due to the fact that it removes cholesterol from the body.

As for the peculiarities of the influence of sushi on the body, it is worth noting such properties that are most characteristic of those who often use such a dish as visual impairment, hearing impairment, impaired human motor skills, paresthesia in the limbs, etc. According to doctors, in especially acute cases, such a factor as paralysis of the limbs and a violation of general consciousness is not excluded, and the most critical moment is the death.

The way out that exists is natural and does not consist in a complete refusal to eat sushi that contains red fish, but in its use 1 or 2 times within one week.

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