Social networks: to be or not to be?

Social networks have recently actively entered our life, and we can no longer imagine it without them. Viewing friends' news, putting “like” and leaving a comment under a friend's photo are quite familiar and everyday actions of every netizen. But let's take a look at life without social media.

1. Reduce the flow of information that we absolutely do not need.

The news feed contains a lot of useless information, including various advertisements and messages from communities. And it takes up extra time in our lives.

2. The privacy of the network is maintained.

Your personal information is available to everyone and can be used in different situations: advertising, which is formed as you are active in the network, searching for your data through search engines.

3. Productivity increases.

In its early days, social media was a great tool for maintaining relationships with friends and family. But now it is a factor that makes you spend more and more time on the Internet and, as a rule, many people develop addiction to social networks. And also your personal free time is wasted, which could have been spent for the benefit of yourself or close friends and relatives.

You can see that a decrease in activity in social networks allows you to qualitatively improve your life, give you more free time for life. But the advantage of social networks is the speed of delivering information to your environment, since previously, for example, in order to invite to an event or a wedding, it was necessary to print leaflets on the website, and now it is enough to publish only a couple of sentences on the page )