Review of the five best Android apps of January

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The last days of February are over, and therefore it is worth remembering which applications for Android devices did not leave the majority of users indifferent.

The fifth place is taken by the Meet Me Halfway program. The main purpose of the application is to select the best meeting place for two people who live in different parts of the city. Meet Me Halfway contains a huge database of cities and possible meeting places: from small cafes to local squares and parks. The app has been available for free download from Google Play since February 23rd.

Depop application, which has managed to become the best assistant for everyone who loves to buy or sell, took the fourth place in the rating. To sell any product, it is enough to photograph the thing with a smartphone camera, set the price and wait for the buyer. Considering that since the launch of the iOS version, more than € 5 million worth of goods have been sold, it will not take long for the deal to be completed.

If you have a limited Internet and each kilobyte is worth its weight in gold, the Opera Max application from the third place in the rating will help you determine how much traffic is used by each process running on your smartphone. Also in Opera Max there is the ability to configure data compression.

The RealPlayer Cloud app, which won the February silver medal, is a cloud service designed to store and view video files in most of the existing formats. There are also versions for iOS and personal computers, which makes access to the saved video files as convenient as possible.

And the first place was deservedly received by the Type Machine program, which automatically saves any typed text lost after a crash of the application in which it was typed. Naturally, for the sake of data security, Type Machine does not store user-entered passwords.