The Internet is the beginning. An article about how the Internet was born

In the middle of the last century, when the Cold War reached its climax, and the espionage wars between the United States and the USSR were serious, the United States Department of Defense seriously thought about an alternative form of communication, which, in the event of a nuclear war, could function flawlessly and

transmit information over long distances, but at the same time without loss of quality, since at that time telephone lines were very unstable - communication was constantly interrupted, and the quality of communication was slightly above zero.

The Pentagon turned to the University of California to solve this problem. They proposed to abandon analog data transmission and use a digital data format, transferring them from one computer to another in small portions - packets, which would avoid the loss of information, and made it possible to transfer information through telephone lines.

More than 10 years later, in 1969, the world's first data transfer session took place between computers located at a distance of 640 km - between the University of California and Stanford.

This network, ARPANET, was not yet the Internet as we are accustomed to seeing it now. It could only send text messages via the command line, and there were no sites, no social networks, no video / audio telephony. Somewhat later, mailers were developed, which were very popular among users, but the network was still closed for public use. And only in the middle of 1973, when the Norwegian and English universities were connected to the network, through the transatlantic telephone line, ARPANET became an international network.

At the beginning of 1984, the domain name system was integrated into the Internet, which made it possible to use text addresses for servers and sites instead of numeric and difficult to remember IP addresses. After 4 years, the IRC protocol was developed, which allowed users to communicate in real time. This was an undoubted breakthrough in the development of the Internet - many users from different parts of the world could now communicate and exchange information in multi-user chats.

In the 90s of the last century, the Internet became quite popular due to the fact that ordinary users were able to connect to the network using dialup modems.

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