13 crazy ideas bordering on genius

13 crazy ideas bordering on genius.

1. Make 2 types of beeps at the car: friendly and angry.

2. To shoot films in two versions: on behalf of a positive character and on behalf of a negative one.

3. Instant foods should have QR codes that will tell the microwave exactly how to cook them. For example: high temperature for 2 minutes, then medium temperature for 1 minute.

4. The machines should have built-in trolleys with fold-out legs. When the cart is full, it should just fit into the car. No tiresome loading of groceries into the car and no return of the cart to the store!

5. Instructions for use to the ex-girlfriend / boyfriend, passed on to the new soul mate.

6. Condoms that change color upon contact with a person who has a sexually transmitted disease.

7. A device that allows you to selectively erase a part of the memory to re-read your favorite books again like the first time.

8. Make the character limit on Twitter not 140, but the corresponding IQ.

9. E-bay backwards: a person leaves an ad about what to buy and sellers compete for the lowest price.

10. Plant tree seeds instead of gravestones.

11. Guide dogs for drunkards.

12. Make the number of likes per day limited.

13. Make politicians wear suits, like NASCAR suits, which will have the emblems of all the firms that paid them money.