Green Bank - a settlement for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Green Bank, with a population of 147, is located in the National Radio Silence Zone. An area of ​​33 thousand square kilometers west of Washington was isolated in 1958 by the US Federal Communications Agency to create conditions for the operation of scientific and military telescopes. In the silence zone, the work of equipment emitting electromagnetic waves is limited, and in the Green Bank itself, where the world's largest radio telescope is located, its use is completely prohibited. Locals joke that they are forever stuck in the past. Even cars with a gasoline engine are prohibited here, as spark plugs interfere. The observatory staff, who patrol Green Bank and the surrounding area on a daily basis in a specially equipped van, monitor the observance of cleanliness.

Green Bank - a settlement for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

In addition to military facilities, Green Bank is home to the world's largest parabolic radio telescope, launched in 2000 by the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory (locals call it "The Big Thing"). The telescope is sensitive to any radiation, so even the microwave oven in the dining room of the Green Bank Science Foundation is located in a special room that absorbs electromagnetic waves.

The telescope receives radio signals emitted by galaxies and space bodies. The data collected at Green Bank contributed to a number of scientific discoveries - in particular, confirmed the hypothesis that the Milky Way is located in the Laniakei supercluster of galaxies 500 million light years across.

"This place gives me the opportunity to live a normal life. I can leave the house, I no longer have to hide in a Faraday cage" - DIAN SHU, MD.

“We love that people here do not ask each other for phone numbers, Internet passwords, or twitter names. Unlike many other places, people in Green Bank know who their neighbors are and what their names are. people "