China develops high-speed electromagnetic gun mount

According to reports, China is developing a high-speed electromagnetic artillery installation. The artillery system with a caliber of 37 mm is useful for hitting a wide range of targets.

The projectile of such an electromagnetic gun will have an initial flight speed of 2200 m / s. The concept is based on a high-strength current, due to which explosive evaporation of the metal will be achieved, which accelerates the projectile. Flying at a speed of 8, 5 thousand km / h ammunition will be able to overcome about 100 km and hit a flying or surface object. In general, such an artillery mount will significantly surpass all existing analogues.

It is assumed that electromagnetic guns will be able to have smaller dimensions in comparison with other weapons. This will be achieved, among other things, by eliminating propelling charges and a number of other auxiliary systems. But electromagnetic weapons require a huge amount of energy, and now the necessary generator cannot be placed on a regular road chassis. Knowing this, the Americans want to install such artillery mounts on warships - in this case, there will be enough space for placing power supplies. But the Chinese, apparently, took the path of using a heavy multi-wheeled chassis.