Il-2 attack aircraft, nicknamed by the Germans "Black Death"

The Soviet Il-2 attack aircraft, nicknamed the "Black Death" by the Germans, became famous not only for the power of their weapons (bombs, missiles and cannons), but also for their very successful design.

The Il-2's armor ensured its almost fantastic survivability in battle. When the Battle of Kursk began in July 1943, thousands of Soviet and German aircraft were fighting in the air over the battlefield.

Once, in this gigantic battle, four German Bf-109 fighters met a lone Il-2 attack aircraft and rushed at it, counting on easy prey. The first fighter entered the tail of the Il-2 and opened fire from the cannons. But nothing changed - the Soviet plane calmly flew on. The place of the first Bf-109 was taken by the second, also shooting an attack aircraft from all his weapons, then the third ... When all four fighters could not shoot down the Il-2, the flight commander, who did not believe his eyes, contacted another pilot by radio and asked why this the Russian plane does not fall.

And then I heard the answer of my comrade in arms: "Mr. Colonel, you can't bite a hedgehog in the ass!"

Il-2 attack aircraft in the Battle of Kursk and dozens of other battles destroyed many German tanks, cars and soldiers, becoming the most formidable aircraft of the Second World War.