Johnny Depp - one of the most eccentric actors in Hollywood

He never hid his oddities, which, to be honest, he has quite a lot, but at the same time he was and remains one of the favorites of the public. The most unusual oddities of Johnny Depp await you inside the post.

1. Johnny Depp has a panic fear of clowns, if he sees only one red wig or other attribute of a clown, he may begin to choke with fear.

2. The actor suffers from an allergy to chocolate, which is why dummies of chocolate products were used in the filming of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolate.

3. At the age of 16, Depp showed his ass to an unloved teacher, for which he was expelled from school.

4. The artist collects a collection of false beards.

5. Johnny prides himself on his ability to train lizards.

6. Once the actor witnessed an armed robbery. He was not afraid to approach the man with a knife and persuade him to stop scaring people.

7. In his youth, he inflicted injuries on himself with a knife, coping with stressful situations.

8. After failing to put on the old Captain Jack Sparrow costume one day, the actor became a vegan.

9. The police arrested Depp twice, the first time he smashed a hotel room, the second time he hit an annoying French photographer in the face.

10. Finds Jack the Ripper attractive.

11. At the age of 12, the future actor began to smoke. At the age of 13 he began to have a sex life.

12. Always leaves a big tip to the waiters serving it and never refuses to give an autograph.

13. Johnny Depp does not like and is even afraid to dance. He agrees to this only if there is a choreographer on the set.

14. Before he became famous, Depp sold ballpoint pens over the phone.

15. The actor prefers to watch not films, but cartoons.

16. Johnny Depp promised to kill and eat those who offend his family or friends.

17. Depp does not like and does not know how to tell jokes.

18. Despite the fact that the actor has not consumed alcohol for several years, he has several bars in the United States and a winery in France.

19. After the filmmakers rejected his idea that the protagonist of "Pirates of the Caribbean" had multiple silver teeth, Depp went to the dentist to have his teeth pulled out and replaced with dentures.

20. The actor believes in the existence of ghosts and is afraid of them.