The bravest and most fearless boy of the XXI century (New York Times)

The American newspaper New York Times has chosen "the bravest and fearless boy of the XXI century."

This boy is Mustafa Saddam Hussein from Iraq. The 14-year-old grandson of Saddam Hussein was the last to resist the American special forces during the assault on Sheikh Navwaf Zeydan's mansion with a machine gun in his hands. At that moment, he remained the only living person in the house, and next to him lay the corpses of his father Kusai, uncle Udey and their guard Abdel-Samad.

According to the testimony of American soldiers who participated in the operation, when they broke into the house, Mustafa Hussein opened fire on them with a machine gun.

American troops numbering 400 soldiers blocked it. After his uncle and father were killed in front of his eyes, the boy shot back and killed 14 American infantrymen with a sniper rifle. The fight with Saddam Hussein's grandson lasted about six hours.

When the Americans killed the boy, they could not believe that they had been opposed by one person for so long, and they were even more shocked that it was actually a child.

At the end of the article about Mustafa, New York Times journalist Robert Yeisk writes: “If we had someone like this boy, we would build a monument to him in every city. We would talk about his courage everywhere, and he was would be an example to follow for the younger generation, there would be someone to look up to. "