Old Russian name-calling

Old Russian name-calling - call names with a twist, showing intelligence

Perhaps we have never swore so merrily and sophisticatedly.

Calls about the mind

Balamoshka - crazy, fool

God-willed - insane, bad

Bozhedurye is a fool by nature

Foolish - foolish

Dubotolk, Woodbreaker, Dumbbell - fool

King-headed - strong-headed, dumb, stupid

Loopyrny - half-wit

Mejeumok is a man of a very average mind

Mordophilia is a fool, and even snobby

Negrezdok - narrow-minded

Appearance calls

Pentyukh is a pot-bellied man with an outstanding stern in addition

Bezpelyuha, tyuryuhailo is a slob

Vapid - disgusting, smelly

Zatetekha is a stout woman

Zaguzastka - round, fat woman with a big booty

Erpyl - undersized

Chipped snout - with shaved beard

Zakhukhrya - nechessa, slob, disheveled

Spin head - a man with a disgrace on his head

Dogish - looks like a dog

Fuflyga is a nondescript little man

Names of character

Marakusha is a nasty person

Eldyga - grumpy

Hobyaka, Mikhryutka, Sivolap - clumsy, awkward

The sverbiguz is a fidget girl, she has itching in one place (the tail is the butt). She's the Shrieker

Ashcheul - mockingbird, scoffing

The carminer is a foolish woman

Balaba - rohlya, razinya

Belebenya, Lyabzya - a hollow

Bobynya, Boonya - pouty, snobby

Delirious - talkative, chatty (from the word "delirium", as you understand)

Beater is a quarrelsome and quarrelsome woman. She is Kuylda

Guzynya or Ryuma - crybaby, roar

Pynya is a proud, puffed up, inaccessible woman

Pyatiguz is an unreliable person, literally translated as "five ass"

The cracker is a chatty woman

Razlyamzya - clumsy, sluggish

Popreshnitsa - a woman who does not feed bread, let me argue

Seemudr - falsely wise

Bonfire, croaker, skater - grouch, grouch

Shinora the weasel

Outlander - parasite, parasite

Hobyak - awkward, awkward

Behavioral Names

Volochaika, Gulnya, Yonda, Bezsoromna - all this splendor of epithets is dedicated to dissolute women

Jerked off - spoiled

Bzyr, Bludyashka, Buslay - a rabid rake, reveler

Valandai, Kolobrod, Muhoblud - a bum, a bum

Eyework - curious

Mimozyr's - Razinya

Stove ride - lazy

Truperda - a hulking woman

Darkened - active ignorant

Snowtail is a bully, a debater

Endower - hungry for beer, mash, booze

Yora is a mischievous woman with a lively tongue

Kiselay, kolupay - a sluggish, slow man

Shlynda - a tramp, a parasite

Potatouille is a sneak

Nasupa - gloomy, gloomy

And also good synonyms for familiar words

Sdergoumka - half-dumb

Pigtail - gossip

Loha is a fool

Shavrik is a piece of shit

Okayem - scumbag

Kuroshup is a womanizer

Damn rope is crazy

Oblud, blown out - a liar

Oguryal, ohalnik - ugly and bully

Snagolov - daredevil

Breezy spit - talker

Tartyga - a drunkard

Tues is a fool