Find out the color of your name and personally your associations

It is known that each of the primary colors of the spectrum corresponds to a certain wavelength - from the shortest for violet to - the longest, which corresponds to red. Color, like sound, is vibration, and a name is nothing more than a series of sounds that together make up the original "melody".

Taste your name, close your eyes, relax ... and you will definitely see its color. But besides the name, there is also a patronymic, what color will be obtained when they are combined? Practice, try to pronounce your pet name, is it different in color? And if you "understand" the color of the name of the closest person, is it harmoniously combined with yours? Do these colors complement each other? What a space for research!

Well, now, check your intuition.

Red - the color of energy, passion, desire, physical activity and strength, determination and firmness of character. People whose names are associated with red are very restless, and in extreme situations they are uncontrollable. They are sociable, like noisy companies, but easily get annoyed and any dispute turns into a verbal skirmish. They find it difficult to build their personal lives, they are in several marriages, they are dictators in the house. Often, in old age, they are left alone, lost and dissatisfied. The personal life of women is especially difficult: they are domineering, unpredictable, highly dependent on the mood of the moment. These people have an unstoppable desire to be the first and unsurpassed, therefore many professional athletes come out of them. These people are unusually talented, only the methods of their approval are somewhat different from the usual ones, and therefore are perceived as indecent, shocking. Such people are often not happy with themselves and easily fall into depression, are prone to quick addiction to alcohol and drug addiction. In a good mood - they are merry, they know how to win over the interlocutor, but one carelessly thrown word addressed to them is enough to cause a flash of anger and irritation in them. These names include:

Averyan, Alan, Alvin, Ananii, Anatoly, Andrian, Arkady, Boyan, Walter, Benjamin, Vitold, Vladislav, Grant, Dmitry, Donat, Cyril, Luka, Lukyan, Makar, Mark, Miroslav, Mstislav, Nikon, Palladium, Plato, Ruben, Rem, Semyon, Stanislav, Yakov.

'' Ada, Alexandra, Alina, Bella, Berta, Valeria, Victoria, Vladislava, Eva, Ekaterina, Elizabeth, Zhanna, Zemfira, Marietta, Nika, Oksana, Praskovya, Tatiana, Emma.

Scarlet - people whose name corresponds to the scarlet color, unbalanced, unpredictable, achieve their goals in any way, are easily influenced. They do not know how to calculate their strength correctly, make many mistakes and often "step on the same rake" several times, because they do not know how to draw conclusions from their mistakes. They really need a sane person who will always be there, will be able to direct and predict their actions. This type of character includes:

'' Apolon, Borimir, Boris, Boyan, Efim, Zakhar, Illarius, Karl, Nikanor, Radomir, Richard, Spartak, Erast, Yaroslav.

Evlaniya, Zarema, Lada, Leah. ''

Crimson - people whose name corresponds to crimson color have an unstable nervous system since childhood. They cannot stand loneliness, but at the same time, it is difficult to get along with people. People born in December are especially difficult to communicate: they are very hot-tempered, overly vulnerable. There are many talented artists among them, mostly avant-garde artists. These names include:

Hilarion, Maxim, Maryan, Rodion, Stepan

Aza, Ariadne, Zara, Matilda, Neonila, Yana.

Pink - The character of such people is balanced, they are calm, restrained, skillfully conduct a conversation, give an opportunity to speak out to the interlocutor, even if they do not agree with him. These people are free from prejudices, do not expect anything from others, they themselves try not to be obliged to someone. You rarely hear harsh words from them, although with close people they can allow themselves such liberty. People born in January, March, July are more emotional. They do not tolerate injustice, protest against hypocrisy and lies. The character of such people strongly depends on their patronymics. These people are capable of compassion, purity and nobility, love and beauty. This color is the color of self-sacrifice, the ability to bring love, warmth and openness to the world. Names of this color include:

Valentine, Evstigney, Thomas

Aurora, Asya, Venus, Deborah, Sofia, Kharita, Erna.

Lilac - people with lilac names, easily excitable, quick-tempered, have painful pride. Often quarreling with loved ones, inveterate debaters, contradictory and stubborn natures. It is difficult to get along with people, they often change their place of work, they are in several marriages, their personal life does not add up. They are responsible and obligatory, true to their ideals, take their work seriously, but because of their character, they do not stay in one place. There are many experimenters, innovators, inventors, and scientific workers among such people. These names include:

Arkhip, Bazhen, Bronislav, Vsevolod, Diodor, Jordan, Maximilian, Melentius, Milon, Rostislav, Sylvester, Emil, Julius, Yaropolk.

Augusta, Adelina, Alla, Bogdana, Varvara, Darina, Ilania, Iya, Kaleria, Carolina, Margarita, Marionella, Nina, Rosalia, Tamara, Theodora, Flora, Eleanor, Esther.

Burgundy - people with the name of the color "burgundy", restless, energetic, love to drive around, so they choose a job that is associated with business trips. They are stubborn and difficult to communicate, although they cannot imagine their existence without communication, they cannot stand criticism of any kind. They constantly lie in wait for the vicissitudes of fate. But it is difficult to meet more persistent and assertive people than they are. They stoically endure all failures and will certainly achieve their goal. Such people are the driving force of the team, they are good organizers, they help those who are with them to make a career. They infect others with their energy and optimism. People with names correspond to this type of character:

Averyan, Varlaam, Vitold, Vladimir, Gury, Isidor, Kuzma, Plato.

Praskovya, Rose.

Orange - a color that reflects creativity, nobility of thoughts, self-confidence. Such people are responsible, firm in their decisions. They are strong personalities who attract others with their positive approach to life. However, such people are very emotional, not always restrained. This type includes people with names:

Alfred, Anastasius, Harry, Eremey, Kapiton, Nazar, Pavel, Prokhor, Rudolph, Socrates, Fadey.

Angela, Dora, Giselle, Camilla, Capitolina, Marta, Olga, Rimma, Philip, Julia.

Yellow - symbolizes vital energy, the color of intelligence, rationality, logical and analytical thinking. People with the name of this color are firm in character, practical, gravitate towards the exact sciences and natural science. Even if they receive a liberal arts education, they often find their vocation in economics, innovation, scientific activity. These names include:

Andron, Antip, Anton, Vadim, Victor, Vlas, Denis, Dorofey, Emelyan, Zinovy, Jerome, Orest, Raphael, Robert, Seraphim, Ustin, Fedor, Fedosey, Filimon, Photius.

Akulina, Anna, Valentina, Wanda, Vera, Vesta, Virineya, Gella, Diana, Nadezhda, Nelly, Concordia, Larisa, Matryona, Melissa, Susanna.

Green - the color of harmony, stability and firmness of spirit. People whose names correspond to the color green are cordial, sympathetic, kind, indifferent to material values, but they know how to make money and are rarely penniless. They love nature, people. They try to help everyone, but rarely receive gratitude in return. They have many envious people whom they manage to ignore. Green is the color of growth, upcoming changes, the color of healing energy. These people are not afraid of difficulties, they take risks easily, they know how to adapt to any circumstances. They often start from scratch and never lose. They are smart, practical, have a sparkling wit. It is interesting to be around them, although not easy. Such people are sensitive and vulnerable, they can be offended even by simple indifference towards them, especially if they are close people. They part with the offenders once and for all, but they do not look for friends - they themselves appear, people are drawn to them like a magnet. This type includes people with names:

August, Aristarkh, Bogdan, Borislav, Budimir, Vasily, Vitaly, Gregory, Dementius, Eugene, Eustathius, Elizar, Erofei, Igor, Izmail, Kazimir, Konstantin, Roots, Leonard, Macdonius, Mitrofan, Mikhail, Nester, Nil, Peter, Terenty, Felix.

Agnes, Anastasia, Bronislava, Juliet, Eugene, Zinaida, Zoya, Karina, Cleopatra, Constance, Laura, Lyudmila, Marianna, Mirra, Muse, Natalia, Pavlina, Seraphima, Silva, Teresa.

Blue - the color of trust, harmony, calmness, satisfaction. These people are self-confident, internal nature, protected. They are highly sensitive, susceptible to someone else's grief, spiritual, sincere, trusting, deep natures, talented individuals. They often have the ability to heal. These names include:

Akim, Artem, Artemis, Geoden, Gleb, Daniel, Evdokim, Egor, Ephrem, Izyaslav, Lazar, Leonid, Modest, Oleg, Savely, Sofron, Khariton, Christopher, Edgar.

Bozena, Viola, Violetta, Virginia, Henrietta, Gloria, Gemma, Iriadna, Irina, Christina, Lola, Lolita, Lyubov, Marina, Maria, Maryana, Polina, Rada, Renata, Simona, Sophia, Christya, Evelina, Emilia.

Blue - the color of calmness, wisdom, contemplation. People whose name matches this color are loyal friends, loyal to loved ones, to their ideas and principles. They are somewhat secretive and overly restrained in showing feelings. In communication, they are difficult, distrustful, it is difficult to get along with people, they do not find a common language with loved ones, they are too strict with them and demanding. Such people have the ability to divination, know how to foresee the future, are capable of telepathy. The integrity of these people prevents them from being happy in their personal lives, but they know how to be friends. They are stable, solid, practical. This type includes:

Abner, Andrey, Andrian, Ambrose, Arsen, Askold, Boleslav, Georgy, Gennady, Yevsey, Elisey, Siegfried, Lubomir, Paramon, Theophilus, Trofim, Christian, Yuri.

Vasilisa, Galina, Evdokia, Gisela, Isabella, Isidora, Magdalene, Nonna, Stephanie, Ulyana, Eurydice, Edita.

Lilac - people whose names correspond to the lilac color are very secretive, distrustful, laconic, patient, steadfastly endure the vicissitudes of fate. There are many difficulties on their path in life, but this does not exacerbate them. They are responsive and sympathetic, happy to help everyone who deserves their trust. They are disposed to depressions, but they know how to get out of them, do not grumble at fate, do not lose optimism. People with such names, who have patronymics Nikolaevich (na), Dmitrievich (na), Arnoldovich (na), Stanislavovich (na), or those who were born in December, March, May, are picky, boring, women are quarrelsome. These include:

Gerasim, David, Joseph, Svyatoslav.

Anfisa, Leona, Louise, Stella, Ninel, Eliza, Elvira, Esther.

Violet is the color of the spiritual strength of a person who bears a name corresponding to this color in vibration. These people are able to penetrate into the essence of human nature, live for others, are committed to high ideals, have great opportunities for spiritual growth. However, they are sensitive, prone to various forms of love experiences, extravagant in choosing their betrothed, subtle natures, amorous. Women are devoted wives, capable of taking a miserable man, rejected by all, as husbands, instilling in him confidence in himself, in the future. They tend to be compassionate and empathic. However, such people themselves are rarely happy in their personal lives, they often remain lonely, not understood. Men are very vulnerable, somewhat selfish, narcissistic. But they easily adapt to changes in life, are friendly with people, always rush to help their loved ones. This type includes:

Avdey, Alexander, Alexey, Anfim, Athanasius, Benedict, Valery, William, Gerontius, Diamil, Ivan, Klim, Nikita, Nikifor, Prokop, Samuel, Timofey, Philip.

Agatha, Agnia, Albina, Antonina, Vassa, Victoria, Glafira, Daria, Elena, Ilaria, Irma, Lydia, Maya, Naina, Nonna, Rachel, Regina, Rufina, Taisia, Tamila, Faina.

Ash - This color can be considered "masculine". Because it is men who match the character of this color. They find it difficult to get along in a team, in a family, they are repeatedly married, very squeamish, picky, petty, trust few people. They are often insecure and plagued by doubts. At first glance, they seem spineless, but they are not. They have a character, but a peculiar one. They are cunning and resourceful, it is difficult to convict them of anything. They come out of any situation "dry" out of the water, they can evade responsibility. Such men cannot be forced to marry against their will. They do not like to be obliged to anyone, although they themselves willingly accept someone's help. Such people are often difficult and unpleasant to communicate. This type includes:

Azarius, Anufriy, Vincent, Ilya, Isaac, Leo, Moses, Nahum, Solomon.


Gray - the color of distrust, uncertainty. People whose names correspond to this color are contradictory, do not lend themselves to influence, it is difficult to convince them of anything. They are irreconcilable with injustice, do not tolerate lies, they can break down if faced with dishonesty and hypocrisy. In personal life, they are not too happy, they are in several marriages. Friends are devoted to self-forgetfulness. These people include:

Agap, Anisim, Vissarion, Vseslav, German, Demyan, Evgraf, Ignat, Miron, Mikhei, Protas, Savva, Sevastian, Severin, Sergei, Tikhon, Eduard.

Greta, Isolde, Xenia, Nora, Sabina.

Brown - the character of these people is difficult, with a difficult fate. They are very kind, but too contradictory, unbalanced, and often explosive, in a fit of anger, like a hurricane, they sweep away everything in their path. Many have complications with law enforcement. They are hardworking, good-natured, love animals. However, they are wayward and proud, do not listen to the opinions of others, always do their own thing. This type includes:

Abram, Boniface, Horace, Ermak, Innokenty, Kondrat, Martin, Pakhom, Roman, Taras, Titus, Trifon.

Alice, Gertrude, Cyrus, Claudia, Olvia, Raisa, Roxana, Stanislav, Yuna, Yaroslav.

Black - they have a difficult fate, difficult to communicate, stubborn, quick-tempered, unpredictable in a fit of anger. Their personal life is complicated, men often have conflicts with law enforcement agencies. These people are fair, kind, sympathetic, but they defend justice with the help of force. Society does not always accept them as they are, tries to correct them, to influence the psyche, which hurts and hardens the bearers of these names. These people are in dire need of human warmth, increased attention, participation and love. These include:

Gordey, Nikolay, Timur, Fedot.

Veronica, Melania.

White - the color that unites the entire palette of colors. The correspondence of a person's name to this color speaks of his wisdom, enlightenment, high intuition, religiosity. Often people with such names become priests, righteous people, preachers. They are persistent in achieving goals, they have their own views on life. These people are talented, intelligent, tactful. They do not set material well-being as an end in themselves, they easily part with money, willingly help others. These names include:

Agathon, Albert, Arnold, Arthur, Bulat, Gabriel, Heinrich, Dobrynya, Rodoslav, Roal, Flor, Jan, Janus.

Alevtina, Dominika, Clara, Lilia, Patricia.