6 types of modern girls (useful for guys)

6 types of modern girls - it will be useful for guys to read, and a girl to understand who they belong to)

1. Sexy kitty

Arrogant sexy thing. Appears in society brightly and beautifully, does not go unnoticed. She always knows how to emphasize her dignity and primary sexual characteristics with a deep neckline, high heels and tight miniskirts. Men are shy at the sight of such persons and dream of meeting HER. From HER guys throws in cold sweat and nervous tremors. Women - hate, envy, resent. She often appears accompanied by wealthy men.

HER cannot be described as a lady obsessed with science; rather, on the contrary, her interests are reduced to fashion and the Fashion industry. The concept of "loneliness" is incomprehensible to her. SHE is always in the spotlight.

HER main problem: "the one who likes is not of that level, and who does not like is at my feet."

2. Bohemian Intellectual Writers

They have a unique style in everything: hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc. Refined and graceful nature with a little overestimated self-esteem. Around HER many people constantly revolve, but SHE does not let anyone close to her. Such a "snow queen", with a certain nonsense and incomprehensible charm. It constantly hangs on social networks, is very popular there. Refined and independent, and, therefore, the question always arises from others "where does she get the funds for all this, if SHE seems to be doing nothing except social networks?"

The conversation with her is direct, but it has the character of incompleteness. She is very smart and has logical thinking. It is always unclear what is in HER head, how sincerely SHE treats YOU, whether she is honest in her statements. SHE is a kind of rebus that is not tough for everyone, therefore, more and more often SHE is lonely, mysterious and thoughtful. The consequences of loneliness are addiction to alcohol or tobacco. Aggressiveness and stinginess. Distrust of everyone and everyone.

3. Correct and simple

Celebrity and sexy lady are something superfluous and excessive for HER. SHE has an average, even slightly low self-esteem: she knows more about her minuses than about her pluses. This type of girl always tries to shield and justify everyone around in their misdeeds and oversights.

In clothes, he prefers not flashy and not bright things that are close to the classics. There is no excessive evening make-up, large and voluminous jewelry, etc. Prefers comfortable things, pastel, soft or light shades.

I would like to say about HER with the newfangled word "cute", kind, her own for everyone. But therein lies its main danger: SHE remains unnoticed for men, underestimated for all. ITS energy potential is not disclosed and unknown to others due to weakness and forgiveness. The one who can caress HER will stay with HER for a long time. But, it is worth thinking: do you need to be always and for everyone so sweet and kind, or is it better to leave the best emotions for dear people? Doesn't your softness and good nature turn sideways to you?

4. Star

As everyone knows: the stars shine, but they do not warm ... also about our type of girls. She is always well-groomed and looks beautiful, SHE is constantly busy with something, everyone is on the run and always. SHE will be the first to come and offer help. Rather, not because of complicity in your destiny, but because of the need to feel busy and needed by everyone. Her difficulties attract and beckon. When everything becomes simple, then HER becomes sad ... but SHE does not despair, because, if necessary, she herself can create problems in order to solve them later. But behind all this fuss and tinsel hides a very vulnerable and lonely soul. Behind the hard work and efficiency of this magnificent performer lies the inability to help not others, but himself ...

In clothes, she thinks over everything to the smallest detail and it is the details that fill and complete HER style into a single composition of excellence.


For HER to live 30 minutes and not take a selfie, not post your lunch on Twitter or Instagram - something beyond reality. SHE knows all fashion trends, follows all blogs and is up to date with the latest events. Public madama and everything that happens in HER life immediately falls into the feed of her social network. Perhaps all this is due to the lack of live communication and attention or because of the desire to escape into the virtual reality of rose-colored glasses and the absence of problems?

6. Activist, athlete and Komsomol member

An active girl who prefers sports bags to clutches, sneakers to heels. SHE adheres to herself and actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, is subscribed to thousands of public sports activities, HER ideal is a flat stomach and a pumped ass. HER always has music on her phone for workouts, and after work SHE runs not on a date, but to the gym.

HER clothing style is sporty, unpretentious. Flat shoes and cute sports things prevail.

But, looking at HER ideal body, you always ask the question: "Of course, there is no limit to perfection, but isn't the reason for avoiding any contacts much deeper than it seems? And isn't it a sign of a complex in such a delightful exercise ?. . "