How to get out of the MATRIX

How to get out of the MATRIX? - can anyone ask such a question, we attach instructions)

1. Stop drinking, smoking, eating meat. Do not eat in fast foods. In general, there is nothing to eat anywhere, it is desirable to feed yourself with live food, limit carbohydrates, exclude sugar. Do not chew gum.

2. Cleanse the digestive tract. It is advisable to carry out antiparasitic cleaning. Throw away the excess of medicines. Iodine and brilliant green. As in the army. Do not go to doctors. In general, stop believing in illness. They are not. Do not allow any kind of manipulation with yourself by strangers.

3. Start talking to the carcass. The body, this divine vessel - it has its own voice and its own consciousness, and always says what it needs and what it does not need. And you need to learn to respect him. The need for low-vibration food indicates distortions in the cellular structure. Establish contact with the elements of the body. Make friends with them and give them tasks to cleanse, restore and transform the true organism. Talk to water while washing. Asking her to cleanse her lower bodies, thanking her for that. Do not walk with your hair loose. Hair is an antenna; it collects other people's thoughts and unnecessary information. Loose hair only when communicating with the Higher

4. Every day (you can in the evening) do gymnastics, any complex of calm physical exercises with meditative music. Use an aroma lamp. Oils that open different chakras. Gymnastics sometimes turns into deep meditation (but this is only later, when the vibrations are high, it all happens by itself).

5. Daily walk 2-3 hours in the air, preferably away from the matrix. Communication with nature. Concentrating on breathing. Stop visiting shopping malls, stadiums, demonstrations, smoky pubs and glamorous establishments. Avoid unnecessary communication.

6. Go through your entire wardrobe. Leave comfortable, practical, not pretentious natural things of a free cut. Well, T-shirts with jeans, of course. Understand that there are more things than you can take. Distribute excess. Wear jewelry less. Chains, chains, bracelets, rings, all this binds energies, blocks free current.

7. Throw out the microwave, never watch TV (throw it out). Turn off unnecessary appliances in the house from the network. Remove all the intricacies of wires and do not "stand under the arrow") Do not chat on the mobile (almost throw it out), turn it off during sleep, and when you are not: you, for example, are in another dimension or are creating. A computer - well, while it's hard to throw it out, I understand. But limit all kinds of nonsense, purchases from Internet sites and women's forums, games for boys. To put the perfect order in the room, in the house, in the garden. Clean out all corners, throw out all unnecessary, ruthlessly. Say goodbye to all broken, broken, glued, not working, trash lying on the mezzanine. Down with the trash. What's outside is inside. Fix whatever is needed. The taps must not leak. To love everything that surrounds you.

8. Forgive everyone and ask everyone for forgiveness. Everyone who obsessively appears in your head, like an uninvited guest, and begins an internal dialogue with you, although you did not invite him.

9. Communication with animals, plants and young children is highly indicated.

10. Then, after a couple of months, you realize that due to the painstaking removal of distortions, costs have been reduced. This means that you can try to work less.

11. Stop worrying about your age. Move your body to the point on your sphere where you feel most comfortable in terms of appearance. And let your body know about it.

12. Stop worrying about anything at all. Don't rush anywhere. You are in eternity. Don't ignore what seems trivial.

13. Be creative. Write, paint, glue planes, sing, dance, collect nothing. Life is a verb. The best activity is painting in the sand)

14. Smile. Everyone and everywhere!)