Krasukha-4 - a new development of the electronic warfare complex

Russia has developed a combat system capable of disabling enemy weapons and surveillance satellites

The manufacturers claim that this is a "fundamentally new electronic warfare system" that can be installed on both ground and air carriers and ships.

For obvious reasons, engineers refuse to disclose the principle of operation of this system, however, it is known that it suppresses high-precision guidance systems for cruise missiles and systems of satellite radio-electronic equipment.

The Krasukha-4 mobile electronic warfare complex is designed to suppress spy satellites, ground-based radars, communications systems and airborne early warning and AWACS control systems.

The range of the complex, depending on the frequency and power of the suppressed transmitters, can be 150 - 300 kilometers, and reliably covers the protected object from detection. In addition, Krasukha-4 can simply disable the enemy's radar equipment, its electronic warfare and communications equipment.

So far, ground tests of the complex are being carried out at the factory site, but the manufacturers promise that at the end of this year it will leave the factory and the military will begin its field tests at army training grounds.