Why does a bee die after it stings?

Bees are peaceful by nature. The bee does not attack first, but in defense - it stings. There is an opinion that, having stung, she dies.

In fact, a stung bee does not always die. This only happens if she attacked an animal with elastic skin. The fact is that in bees, unlike wasps, the tip of the sting is serrated like a harpoon. If a bee has stuck a sting into the elastic skin of the victim, it gets stuck there. The insect, trying to free itself, simply pulls out the sting along with part of the internal organs. Such serious damage and lead to the death of the bee. If a bee stings an insect (and their body is covered with chitin, that is, an inelastic material), it safely pulls out the sting from the victim's wound and remains alive and well.