Experiment "Philadelphia"

One of the most interesting mysteries of the twentieth century, which gave rise to many contradictory rumors.

According to legend, in 1943 in Philadelphia, the US military allegedly tried to create a ship invisible to enemy radars. Using calculations made by Albert Einstein, special generators were installed on the destroyer Eldridge. But during the test, the unexpected happened - the ship, surrounded by a cocoon of a powerful electromagnetic field, disappeared not only from the radar screens, but literally evaporated in the truest sense of the word. After a while, the Eldridge materialized again, but in a completely different place and with a distraught crew on board. How reliable is this story?

For the first time, the Philadelphia experiment became widely known thanks to astrophysicist Maurice Jessup, a scientist and writer from Iowa. In 1956, as a response to one of his books, which dealt with the problem of the unusual properties of Space and Time, he received a letter from a certain K. Allende, who reported that the military had already learned how to practically move objects "outside the usual Space and Time." The author of the letter served in 1943 on the ship "Andrew Fureset". On board this ship, which was part of the control group of the Philadelphia Experiment, Allende (as he himself claims) perfectly saw how the Eldridge melted into the greenish glow, heard the hum of the force field surrounding the destroyer ...

The most interesting thing in Allende's story is the description of the consequences of the experiment. Incredible things began to happen to people who returned "from nowhere": they seemed to fall out of the real course of time (the term "froze" was used). There have been cases of spontaneous combustion (the term "ignited"). Once, two "frozen" people suddenly "ignited" and burned for eighteen days (?!), And the rescuers were unable to stop the burning of the bodies by any effort. Other oddities also occurred. One of the Eldridge sailors, for example, disappeared forever, passing through the wall of his own apartment in front of his wife and child.

Jessup started investigating: rummaging through the archives, talking with the military and found a lot of evidence that gave him the opportunity to express his opinion about the reality of these events as follows: “The experiment is very interesting, but terribly dangerous. It affects the people participating in it too much. experiment used magnetic generators, the so-called "demagnetizers", which worked at resonant frequencies and created a monstrous field around the ship. In practice, this gave a temporary withdrawal from our dimension and could mean a spatial breakthrough, if only it was possible to keep the process under control! " Perhaps Jessup learned too much, at least in 1959 he died under very mysterious circumstances - he was found in his own car, suffocated from exhaust gases.

The leadership of the US Navy disowned the Philadelphia experiment, stating that nothing like this happened in 1943. But many researchers did not believe the government. They continued looking for Jessup and got some results. For example, documents were found confirming that from 1943 to 1944, Einstein was in the service of the Naval Ministry in Washington. Witnesses showed up, some of whom personally saw the disappearance of the "Eldridge", others were holding sheets of paper with calculations made by the hand of Einstein, who had a very characteristic handwriting. They even found a newspaper clipping of those times telling about the sailors who got off the ship and melted before the eyes of eyewitnesses.

Attempts to find out the truth about the Philadelphia Experiment have continued to this day. And, from time to time, new interesting facts appear. Here are excerpts from a story by American electronic engineer Edom Skilling (recorded on tape): "In 1990, my friend Margaret Sandys, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, invited me and my friends to visit Dr. Karl Leisler, her neighbor, to discuss some details of the Philadelphia experiment. Karl Leisler, physicist, one of the scientists who worked on this project in 1943. They wanted to make a warship invisible to radar. A powerful electronic device such as a huge magnetron was installed on board. This device was powered by electrical machines installed on the ship, which were powerful enough to power a small city.The idea of ​​the experiment was that a very strong electromagnetic field around the ship would serve as a shield for rays radar.Karl Leisler was on the shore to observe and control the experiment nta. When the magnetron started up, the ship disappeared. After a while, he reappeared, but all the sailors on board were dead. Moreover, some of their corpses turned into steel - the material from which the ship was made.

During our conversation, Karl Leisler was very upset, it was clear that this old sick man still feels remorse and his guilt for the death of the sailors on board the Eldridge. Leisler and his colleagues in the experiment believe that they sent the ship at a different time, while the ship disintegrated into molecules, and when the reverse process occurred, then there was a partial replacement of organic molecules of human bodies with metal atoms. "

And here is another curious fact, which came across the Russian researcher V. Adamenko: In the book of Mour and Berlitz, who were investigating the events of Philadelphia, it is said that for many years after the incident the destroyer Eldridge was in the reserve of the US Navy, and then the ship was named " Lion "and sold to Greece. Meanwhile, Adamenko visited a Greek family in 1993, where he met a retired Greek admiral. It turned out that he is well aware of the Philadelphia experiment and the fate of the Eldridge, confirming that the destroyer is one of the ships of the Greek Navy, but is called not "Lion", as Mour and Berlitz write, but "Tiger".

The unequivocal truth about the Philadelphis experiment has never been established. Researchers of this mysterious story did not find the main thing - documents. The Eldridge's logs could explain a lot, but strangely they disappeared. At least, all inquiries to the government and the US military department received an official answer: "... It is not possible to find, and therefore put at your disposal." And the logs of the escort ship "Fureset" were completely destroyed by orders from above, although this contradicts all existing rules.