Collection of "New" words in the lexicon

A damn dozen new words in the lexicon, the meaning of which you most likely do not know.

1. The smell of the earth after rain is petrikor.

2. A metal or plastic lace tip that makes it easier to thread the laces - this is an Eglet.

3. The crescent moon at the base of the nail is a lunula.

4. Natural formations, usually trees, rocks, stones that resemble female forms - this is natiform.

5. The incomprehensible words in the songs are mondegrin.

6. The spots of light that you see when you close your eyes and press your fingers against the eyeballs are phosphenes.

7. Rumbling in the stomach from hunger is a callubble.

8. The bottom of the wine bottle is a punt.

9. The sign of infinity is the lamniscate.

10. A condition in which it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning is disania.

11. When you use question and exclamation marks at the same time, it is interrobang.

12. The act of throwing someone out of the window is defenestration.

13. These are the long fibers on the peel from a banana - these are phloem.