The fashion for push-button phones is back ?!

In January of this year, Eddie Redmayne, British actor and Academy Award winner for Best Actor, announced that he would no longer use a smartphone. The actor admitted that he was frightened by the dependence on the gadget, with which he parted only in a dream, and he decided to switch to a push-button phone with a minimum set of functions.

Eddie Redmayne is not alone. For example, Scarlett Johansson uses a good old clamshell. Several years ago, her mobile account was hacked, and personal photos of the actress were leaked to the network. The Hollywood diva admits that she feels safer without a fancy smartphone.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour also has a lot of gadgets at her disposal, but in recent years, the paparazzi have increasingly noticed her with a push-button telephone. Even Rihanna lit up in front of cameras with a phone from the nineties, although she has not yet given up her smartphone. According to the research group Strategy Analytics, about 44 million calls were sold in 2015, which is 2% of the global mobile device market, and experts predict an increase in this indicator next year.

The “dialers” have objective advantages, and, perhaps, the most significant of them is the battery charge. Remember the time when the phone could live more than a day without recharging, sometimes almost a whole week? The habit of leaving your phone on charge overnight only appeared in the era of smartphones.

The second plus is the price. Due to the relatively low demand and the rapid development of mobile technologies, push-button devices are becoming more affordable.

Many fully functional models are so cheap that they can be considered almost disposable. Smartphones cannot compete with push-button models in terms of compactness - you need to make some effort to carry smart gadgets with a diagonal of five inches or more in your jeans pocket. In addition, it is much more difficult to bring the "dialer" out of working condition by hitting the asphalt.

“In contrast to the large and noisy smartphone market, which is becoming more complex and expensive, the market for simple and cheap push-button phones is developing. They are bought, firstly, by people who are looking for their very first easy-to-understand phone; secondly, those who need one more device to keep in touch in the networks of different operators, and those who simply do not want to use a smartphone, ”commented the head of the product and service development department at Fly Ukraine

Sergey Korogod.

Can't imagine yourself being cut off from your smartphone? Here are some ways to experiment and remember the past.


Download "Snake", just not a modern analogue, but a complete imitation of the famous game from the nineties, for example, "Snake '97".

Turn off the smartphone

You can use the power button, but if in doubt about your willpower, use the OffSwitch application, which for a set period of time will restrict access to your device and allow you to return to real life for a short time.

Application simulation

The Dumbphone program will block all Android smart functions for the period you choose, leaving only the ability to call and write messages. How long do you think you will last?

Option for extreme sports

Just uninstall any apps that have been piling up over the past years (yes, even Instagram). Disable email and internet. Done! A phone with basic functions is in your hands.