Composite hodgepodge of school essays)

We suggest reading Pearls from school essays, which were written by children, and recharge with great mood Monday!

Composite school essay hodgepodge:

Pope Carlo knocked out Pinocchio.

The bears saw that the bear cub's bed was crumpled, and understood: Masha was here.

In India, since childhood, the feminine gender walks with dots on the forehead.

It was quiet all around, as if everyone had died out ... What a beauty!

The first act of Sophia and Molchalin took place under the stairs.

The sundial was ticking loudly in the room.

The moose ran into the yard and dressed themselves out of fear.

His eyes looked fondly at each other.

The poem is written in rhyme, which is often observed in the poet.

Suvorov was a real man and slept with ordinary soldiers.

The population density of Australia is 4 square people per meter.

The piglets have a curly tail on the back, which distinguishes them from other domestic animals.

A negro entered the room, rosy from the cold.

The old woman Izergil was proud and unapproachable as a tanker.

Pierre Bezukhov's first successes in love were bad - he immediately got married.

Pierre Bezukhov wore pantaloons with a high frill.

The boy in the boat was rowing quickly with the rocker arms.

And then the soldier remembered that he had a rifle in his pocket.

The Decembrists have accumulated great potency and poured it out on the Senate Square.

The tractor raced across the field, smelling slightly ...

The sailor's vest was wide open.

The body of a mammal consists of a head, torso, and four pairs of legs.

The Soviet people not only do business on earth, but also climbed into space.

The poets of the 19th century were easily injured people: they were often killed in duels.

An unprecedented sight was sitting in front of me. This unprecedented sight was Marusya.

She did not hear a single kind word from him, except for the word of a fool.

There was still life fruit on the wall.

The train driver himself could not really explain how he found himself on Anna Karenina.

Kashchei the Immortal kept his death in one of two eggs, confusing Ivanushka.

A woman dressed in fashion ran to the bus, followed by a neatly shaved man.

How did the revolutionaries transport their leaflets? In suitcases with double soles.

The woodpecker sat down and began to gnaw a tree.

In Famus society, not only French words were heard, but also Nizhny Novgorod.

My feathered friend, a hamster, is sitting in a cage.

Othello got angry and strangled Desdemona.

And on his chest he had a white scrotum.

Boris did not spare his friend the last piece of bread or the last patron.

Pyotr Zalomov carried the red banner, about which his mother remembered all the time.

Gray Neck sadly lowered her butt into the icy water ...

Tanks marched across the square, striking a step.

The bear dug a hole under the palm tree, opened its mouth, stuck its paw into it and fell into hibernation.

Oblomov laid Olga on the sofa.

Silky, blond curls stood out from under her lace apron.

Rembrandt stood in the rain in his family shorts and smiled blissfully ...

I rushed to sleep and a thought attacked me.

The peasant was wealthy: he had pigs and a wife.

A cow is a large animal with four legs at the corners.

From the composition: The painter was struck by the pose of her face.

A ray of sun peeped out from behind the cloud and hit the cuckoo.

Bohdan Khmelnitsky sent a telegram to the Russian tsar.

Alyonushka sits on a pebble, and in her rear the dark forest turns black ...

Natasha was truly Russian in nature, loved nature very much and often went outside.

And the dog left, wagging its tail gratefully. Not many people could do that!

On long cold winter evenings, she knitted long winter cold sweaters.

The boat mocked the shore in the most insolent manner.

The Colonel danced a beaker with his daughter.

The rain is mushroom, torrential, fine and large-caliber.

The cactus fell on the cat and howled in pain.

In the winter, not a single songbird remained in our forest, except for the crow.

A draft burst into the open window, as fast as a broom.