How to choose a mobile phone for seniors

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone, first of all, we think about processors, screens and RAM. But for older people, all these characteristics are often unnecessary. They do not need a mobile phone for toys, applications and watching videos, but simply to keep in touch with loved ones. This is exactly the case when an easy-to-use "dialer" will help out much more than a smartphone with a bunch of unnecessary functions.

If you are looking for a mobile phone to help an older person connect with loved ones, focus on the most important characteristics:

Easy to use keyboard.

Keys should be large and comfortable to press. Key Call / Reset buttons should be highlighted in contrast. A prerequisite for choosing is a large and clear font both on the keys and on the display. Please note that some devices allow you to adjust the font size on the screen to suit your needs.

SOS signal

Many mobile devices have a dedicated panic button or allow preset emergency contacts to be dialed. This function turns the phone into a kind of beacon, and in case of an unexpected problem, a person of respectable age can call for help by pressing one button.

“IT companies have long begun to develop devices designed specifically for older people who need communication tools, but are not ready to master newfangled smartphones. What is a classic "babushkophone"? It is a small device with large keys and contrasting elements, an intuitive interface and a minimal set of functions, ”comments Margarita Gracheva, Marketing and Advertising Manager at Fly Ukraine.

Built-in voice commands

A voice-enabled phone is useful when the user is unable to navigate menus or dial a number on their own. A big plus if the phone is able to pronounce the dialed digits, thus it will be possible to avoid mistakes when entering the number.

Quality speaker

The hands-free phone will be useful for people who have hearing problems. It will not be superfluous to note that the call should be loud, and the sound from the speaker should be clear and without interference.

No extra modes

Difficulties for pensioners lie not only in the fact that they cannot see or hear well, with age it becomes more difficult for them to get used to new information. For older people, it is extremely unusual that the device can behave differently in response to the same actions, for example, if you press the same keys in the standard menu and in standby mode, the result will be different.

Tariff plan

In most cases, older people do not pronounce the monthly limit of standard mobile operators' packages. Look for a special package for seniors or just a tariff plan in which payment is not made in the form of a fixed amount once a month, but only for the used SMS and minutes of conversation.